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Our specialty is functional web applications that perform lots of heavy lifting, while still looking great. Whether it's a matter of bringing your product database online, creating a customer management application, or designing a full web presence, we can do it.

We pride ourselves on being a small company that can act fast. We don't have bureaucratic overhead to slow us down, allowing us to complete your project quickly, on budget, and with the functionality you need. Our flexible development style insures that we're always delivering value throughout your project lifecycle.

Web Solutions


Sell your products online. We can set up a site for you, or integrate with your existing site, that will allow you to sell securely, accept online payments, and keep an online database of your transactions.

Database Applications

If your business or organization requires interacting with members, attendees, or customers, we can suggest several solutions that will allow you to leverage the web to do this effectively. For example:

  • Track registrations
  • Accept member payments
  • Create a membership database accessible securely anywhere
  • Produce reports on membership, event attendance, or membership type
  • Easily communicate with customers via email newsletters
Site Design

We can create a full web site for your business. Our in-house designers will work with you to integrate with your existing brand or site, or create a new site from scratch.

Software Development

Ruby on Rails

We can work with you on your new or existing project to fully leverage this framework to rapidly develop web applications.

Custom Solutions

We can work with you to determine your requirements and implement the solution. We have a wide range of software experience that allows us to produce quality solutions. We are also proficient in leveraging open source software to insure that we don't reinvent the wheel when it comes to providing your custom solution.

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